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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Yo!! 新年快乐!!

Since its Lunar New Year, this post shall be in Chinese!!!
大家好!龙年快到了,大办年货了吗?哈哈。。希望在新的一年里,国泰民安,福星高照, 做生意的,财源广进,在读书的朋友,祝你们学业进步,成绩突飞猛进!!


对了,大家记得看步步惊心啊!! 一定要支持哦!!
好了,就此搁笔,余言后续 (哈哈 在学校学的!!)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Refreshed. Revived .

Hi guys!!! :P
I am Feng Yi lahh:)
Notice i deleted all the posts already? Well, its a new year with a new start !!
Just wanna say sorry to anyone i hurt last and that includes ****** :D so sorry
In fact , since i am already Sec 3 this year and i will definitely be very busy... i promise to publish more but short posts this and next year!!
Currently , still thinking about homework,tests. Feeling emotional nowadays:(
Stress?? Perhaps . I have thinking hard the past two weeks. Did i really make the wrong choice? of appealing? Am I digging my own grave ? Apparently till now, i feel that way . But fret not. i will strive and also work doubly hard for my 'O' levels that is coming in a year +++++
3 Cheers for myself!!

Hip Hip HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!
Hip Hip HURRAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hip HIP HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its the weekend now :)
This morning ( as in 5-6 am) me and my Sis woke and crawled to Tion to queue for Super Junior Super Show 4 TIckets!! Got it after an hour after the start of sales:( good seats though but could have gotten better ones if the inconsiderate people move off faster , made up their minds faster! This was the scenario :

Early in the morning, when my Sis and I went to queue, we saw two other person even earlier then us:( but we thought it was alright as we were the third and in fact one person can only buy 4 tickets:) As time goes by, more and people cut the first guy queue .... His friends:/ wat the. In the end , there were like 7-8 of them holding on to four order forms. but thats not the worse! they took their own sweet time to decide where they wanna sit !!! Seats are not suppose to be chosen!! and other seats are running out!!!! In addition, the SISTIC counter lady was not firm enough to tell them that! Later that day, i realised the rule was 4 tickets per transaction and u noe wat?! among the inconsiderate people, only ONE of them is a OCBC cardholder!!! So transaction time took very long too!! We are very lucky . i have to emphasise, VERY LUCKY!!! to still get Category 1 seats!!! I dunno how long the inconsiderate people stayed to wait but they are really too much!

Anyways... After all that Drama~~ I had lunch at Long John Silvers:P Tomorrow is study and homework day:) Now is rest time :DD

Feng Yi